After several years of neglect (6 years??) The Silverfern has a front page again

The Forum URL

The forum is now located at

If you have any bookmarks you'll need to update them

The Front Page

Some content is more appropriate for the front page - longer opinion pieces, reference pieces etc

In a couple of days I'll post instructions on how any of the forum regulars can post content here (it is different software forum the forum so you'll need a new account)

The format is similar to the writing a post and the software is simple to use.

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Random picture of a better coach than Tana Umaga

Author Pages, Tag Pages

Every article posted appears on the main page in publishing order

Also, every Author has their own URL that can have a customised look:
eg My Author Page

Story Tags have thie own page that can be customised too.

If you want to write loads of stories about Waikato rugby - go for it.
If you don't think there's enough Canterbury content - make some.

Article Comments

We can enable comments on articles. This creates a thread in the Sports Talk forum

Limited posting features will be available under the article. Posts appear both under the article and in the forum.