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You can only have 10 options so I have picked who sounds like the most deserving. Didn't even watch the game mind you.

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North Harbour v Manawatu in Albany kicking off at 2.35pm on 10/09/16. Referee: Mr. J. Doleman.
North Harbour: 15. Matt Duffie, 14. Mark Telea, 13. Matt Vaega, 12. Michael Little, 11.Tevita Li, 10. Bryn Gatland, 9. Bryn Hall, 8. Murphy Taramai, 7. Connor Collett, 6. Josh Tyrell, 5. Brandon Nansen, 4. Gerard Cowley-Tuioti, 3. Sione Mafaileo, 2. James Parsons ©, 1. Nic Mayhew. Reserves: 16. Vyron Smith, 17. Adrian Smith, 18. Karl Tu'inukuafe, 19. Glen Preston, 20. Hapakuki Moala-Liava'a, 21. Chris Smylie, 22., Matt McGahan 23. Daniel Hilton-Jones.

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What would you do?

If it was me:

  1. Drop Moore and start TPN
  2. Start Skelton with Douglas
  3. Forget Poopah.
    Start Pocock at 7. Hooper can add something as a ball runner to probe wider spaces off the bench.

I know we can't invent an 8 for them, but how about Fardy at 8, Mumm at 6?

The drawbacks with Pooper are just not worth the upside. Hooper gets monstered. He just does not have the power and bulk and gets knocked backwards. And as has been discussed Bono lacks power in both attack and in d. Seriously limits their lineout.

  1. Ditch the Giteau rule.
    I know Genia is much better than Phipps. But bringing these players in is a step back. 4 years out from RWC they should be looking to build a new team. ...
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OK, take away the Waratahs Super win as that was on a refs cock up, and the RWC final, as that was on another refs cock up. ( I know, they're in the books, blah blah blah, but really, if you're selecting a coach, you would not look at those as great achievements - unless luck is something that you want to use)!!!<

That leaves, what?

Thanks to Wiki, a Heineken Cup with Leinster, and sod all else.

Is he really, really coach of the year, and an international class coach?

Thoughts from our Aussies? and Kiwis.

And apologies if this has already been bought up, it's been a while since I fired up the old Commodore 64 and jumped on the Fern!