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3 votes as usual.

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Loosehead Hooker Tighthead Locks Blindside Openside No 8
Moody Coles Franks Retallick Kaino Cane Read
Crockett Taylor Ofa Tu'ungafasi Whitelock Big Gap Todd Big Gap (Kaino can fill in here)
Hames Harris Nepo Laulala Big gap Ioane Savea Squire
Manu Coltman Jeffery Toomaga-Allen S Barrett Squire Gibson Ioane
Lienert-Brown Parsons Siate Tokolahi Romano Fifita Dillon Hunt Whitelock
Ofa Tu'ungafasi Funnell Atu Moli Scrafton Mitchell Brown K Pryor Shields/Messam
Mitchell Graham GPT Sione Mafileo Franklin D Pryor Savea
Reg Goodes Riccitelli Fatialofa Lentjes
Hodgman Dixon Bird Boshier
Aki Seiuli Adrian Smith Tuipulotu


Halfback 10 12 13 Wings Fullback
Smith Beauden Barrett SBW ALB Dagg Smith
TJP Lima Sopoaga Crotty Crotty Ioane Dagg
Weber Richie Mo'unga Laumape Goodhue Naholo Jordie Barrett
Pulu Mitchell Hunt ALB Fekitoa (might be gone) Smith DMac
Drummond Ihaia West Moala Ioane Nanai Nanai
Hall Otere Black Buckman Moala Aso Havili
Stephen Perofeta Faiane Aso Savea NMS
Hayden Parker Ngatai Procter Duffie Stevenson
Bryn Gatland Aso Vaega Stevenson
Faauli Tamanivalu NMS (low b/c injuries)

Who are the top 2018 available players in each position? Ranked from 1 to 10? I will edit this thread to keep it up to date with the fern consensus.

Lets start with LH props.

  1. Moody
  2. Crockett - 35 next January, when will he retire?
  3. Hames? Wasn't good against Lions, gives away a lot of penalties, contribution around the field so, so.
  4. Manu. Inconsistent scrummaging, was playing well before this year's injury. Gets injured quite a bit. Been in AB environment.
  5. Lienert-Brown. Test possibility or journeyman?
  6. Ofa Tu'ungafasi
  7. Mitchell Graham (out for season)
  8. Reg Goodes (out for season)
  9. Hodgman
  10. Aki Seiuli

Up and comers and youngsters:

Who are they? Hodgman looks good, hopefully he will injury free next year. Lindenmuth was good for the U20s, but it takes quite a while to mature as a prop.

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alt text

  1. Joe Moody
  2. Codie Taylor
  3. Owen Franks
  4. Brodie Retallick
  5. Samuel Whitelock
  6. Jerome Kaino
  7. Sam Cane
  8. Kieran Read (c)
  9. Aaron Smith
  10. Beauden Barrett
  11. Rieko Ioane
  12. Sonny Bill Williams
  13. Anton Lienert-Brown
  14. Waisake Naholo
  15. Israel Dagg


  1. Nathan Harris
  2. Wyatt Crockett
  3. Charlie Faumuina
  4. Scott Barrett
  5. Ardie Savea
  6. TJ Perenara
  7. Aaron Cruden
  8. Ngani Laumape


  1. Mako Vunipola
  2. Jamie George
  3. Tadhg Furlong
  4. Maro Itoje
  5. Alun Wyn Jones
  6. Sam Warburton (capt)
  7. Sean O’Brien
  8. Taulupe Faletau
  9. Conor Murray
  10. Johnny Sexton
  11. Elliot Daly
  12. Owen Farrell
  13. Jonathan Davies
  14. Anthony Watson
  15. Liam Williams


  1. Ken Owens
  2. Jack McGrath
  3. Kyle Sinckler
  4. Courtney Lawes
  5. CJ Stander
  6. Rhys Webb
  7. Ben Te’o
  8. Jack Nowell

[edit: Booboo's original post follows]

Anyone know when the team is nam...

Ok. Sorry.

Thought we had better have a new match thread. First test is ancient history. And whilst we've still got the Canes tomorrow and some of this has been discussed in the Test 1 thread I don't think it's too early to start to focus on Saturday with a dedicated thread.

First: us.

So Crotty is out. Simple fix: ALB to 13.

I believe JK is ok so he stays at 6.

Is there a final word on Ben Smith yet? For me I'm thinking Izzy drops back to 15, Naholo to 14, JB to 23.

Everyone else as they were.

There's been some talk of BB at 15. Can't say I'm a fan.

Do we need to change up tactics? Do anything different? Expect anything different?

As for them:

What do they change?

Drop the box kick?

Personnel? Start Itoje or Laws? Sinckler for something different?

What else can they do?

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If you have about 15 hours a week spare "ear-time" over the next 2 weeks, and you might be interested in a different point of view, below are 15 podcasts from the "British and Irish Isles" for you.

The links are all to podcast site Player.Fm, so you can choose to either just browse to play/download the ones that appeal, or opt to subscribe.
(Most are also available through iTunes, Podbean.com or direct from the various sites - so use whatever suits you best.)

If you can reply with suggestions for NZ ones that would be great.
(Or from elsewhere with a Lions interest.)
I've already found the SportRadio online live-feed, NZ Herald's Out of the Box the Tony Veitch paper-shufflingly The Roar and Kirwan on Facebook's Feed the Backs

I'm an Ireland fan, so that's where I will start:
Podcasts from an Irish perspective
The 42 Rugby Show
Usually 2-3 a week during the tour. Main person is Murray Kinsella. a tactics-savvy journalist.

NewsTalk - Off the Ball
2-3 times a week: usually an Irish journalist and an ex-international (usually Keith Wood or BOD).

Joe.ie - Hard Yards
A mix of opinions, analysis and a few tall tales,
Usually about 1 a week but might be more during the tour. Usually with a couple of ex-players (often ROG). A mix of opinions, analysis and a more than a few tall tales,

Pundit Arena - Oval Office
2-3 times a week: 2 online journalists talking plus sometimes an interview.

Irishman Abroad
Not a rugby podcast, but a range of long interviews, about 10-15 of which are of Irish rugby players (usually recently retired). Not the usual mundane soundbites - the interviewee gets time to talk. (Also Irish actors, comedians etc.)

Podcasts from an English perspective
Egg Chasers
3 guys talking about rugby. Opinionated, fun but not ignorant. 2 English guys and 1 Welsh.

Blood and Mud
2 guys talking about rugby. 2 English guys - the sort of rugby-conversation you have over several beers: sweary, funny, biased, but also well-observed, though sometimes endearingly daft.

Rugby Pod
2 recent retirees: Jim Hamilton (Scotland lock), Andy Goode (flyhalf for Leics & many others - think England's Steve Donald apart from winning a RWC). Lots of opinion, not a lot of objectivity and some very tall tales.

Brian Moore - Full Contact
Sundays: The former England/Lions hooker - always forthright, but as an ex-lawyer he likes a well-argued discussion. Different ex-players each week.

TalkSport - Rugby Special: Lion's Den
1 hour every day. Standard broadcaster interviews from a UK Radio station. Also include pieces from Ireland's Michael Corcoran and various NZ pundits.

BBC Rugby
2-3 a week during the tour. Standard broadcaster interviews from a UK Radio station.
Plus some in-depth specials such as:
"2005: How not to win a series",
"Making of the 1997 film 'Living with the Lions' " etc.

Podcasts from a Scottish perspective
Scottish Rugby
About 1 a week - 3 fans who not surprisingly, more of a focus on the Scotland team, but a bit of Lions chat.

The Thistle
About every 2 weeks - also 3 other fans who likewise have more of a focus on the Scotland team, but also a bit of Lions chat

Podcasts from a Welsh perspective
Attacking Scrum
Usually 2-3 times a week during the tour. Describes itself in duplicate as "Wales Rugby Podcast for Welsh Rugby fans" - just in case you weren't clear the first time.

Wales Online - Rugby podcast
About 1 a week. Journalists and ex-players.

There are various YouTube bloggers/vloggers but as you might expect from a Lions fan,
I've stuck to dull-routine mp3 (catch a download just like catching box-kicks out of an Auckland night-sky)
rather than the more visual video versions (even if it is usually just 2 blokes talking, sometimes with one shuffling paper)

Listen and either enjoy or be outraged, but hear a different point of view.
😄 🏉


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