Awful analysis, incorrect conclusions, zero insight Wrong about pretty much everything

Fumble fingered directionless passive lumps of lard

I really want Fozzie to succeed. He is the All Black coach after all. And we're guaranteed him until this time next year (so stop the whinging). But I understand the reservations.


Who do we build the team around?

It's obviously BBBR up front, and in the backs it's still Barrett. The key leadership pieces in place around them are Cane and Smith (if he holds on) and Whitelock is there and vital, but he's on the downhill and probably won't make the next WC.


All Blacks v Argentina - Rewatch

In some ways not a bad as I thought, in others much worse. Based on first 50 don't think it is fair to blame Foster for everything.


Beaten by a better team

They looked better conditioned from the start to about the 66 minute. They were physically and tactically stronger than us. They played territory to close out the game and defended like demons for 80 min. It’s hard to say this but I stopped thinking we could win at half time.


Choose both

Rather than revisiting the appointment process, I'd like to look at another problem with the current AB coaching panel that is starting to become apparent - they are too afraid to make the tough selection calls.


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