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ABs aren't as bad as some on here make out

ABs aren't as bad as some on here make out, nor as good as some would like them to be. They do seem to be in the mix for the title of best team based on current performances. You guys had a period of prolonged test match success from mid-2000s through to just after 2015 WC win. But even the great side that was created in that period suffered some losses, most notably to SA.


A Saffa Perspective

The kick chase worked. The mauling worked. The rush worked. By 'worked' I mean the ABs were clearly feeling the pressure and the Boks got into a position to win the game.


Tough Crowd

Far out what a tough crowd haha. Of course we weren't at our best, but the Boks didn't allow us to get into any sort of rhythm, with their up and in lines peed and their constant pressure at breakdown time gave us no real opportunity to settle


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