Awful analysis, incorrect conclusions, zero insight Wrong about pretty much everything

Same old, same old

The thing which frustrates me is this is the same-old, same-old. The problems we saw from 2017 onward are still there and it shows against a team which can out-muscle and out-discipline us


A nuetrals perspective

I can't speak for all of you as a collective ;), but some of you may be egging it a bit too much in terms of this game being a disaster beyond all disasters. The fact is, this has happened before (RWC2019 SF) and will happen again.


Fuck this I'm getting drunk

Now I can't decide if we are arrogant or dumb with the same old tactics we've dished up over about 3 and a bit years.


All Blacks v Argentina

All of the concerns about selections and game plan really came to a head in this game. Argentina just watched the RWC semi and replicated what England did in the hope we hadn't learnt anything from that, which was evident in the way we've played this year


It wasn't all bad

Is it weird that the loss didn't hurt me as much as it really should? Maybe it was just the crazy nature of the game with multiple cards etc. Maybe it was due to the fact we already have the Bled in the cupboard?


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