Awful analysis, incorrect conclusions, zero insight Wrong about pretty much everything

Black Caps v South Africa I

That's one of the most clinical performances we've put together which is saying a lot given we are the WTC champions and we were missing 4 world class players that were at the heart of that WTC win


Winter Olympics - a complete shambolic shitbox of a competition

Lets start with the location. Bei fucking jing? Competing on a manufactured slope with a backdrop of cooling towers. I've spent a bit of time in Beijing and never ever in all my times there (across 4 seasons) did I ever think it would be a great place to hold a Winter Olympics.


Why rugby stats are useful

I'm a data analyst, so I have to defend the use of stats, or I couldn't have any professional pride - albeit the defense will be closer to a muddled collection of thoughts, rather than a well laid out argument. But, aside from that, I also believe they are of huge value in most areas of life


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