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Match report from ground zero

So seats were awesome. First allocation we got was on the try line. Emailed and enquired about anything better and got reissued on the 10. Much pleased.Stadium brilliant. All seats looked to have a good view.


Bledisloe Four

It's pretty clear we don't have the depth to rest any of our top players, particularly A Smith and Coles. Fair enough that we did but shit some of the next tier down got exposed


Premiership remaining matches

Which games are the most important in the last two weeks of the Premiership regular season


Northland v Otago

Not sure what word describes how I felt after that. Sad is probably it, sad for the likes of Matich, Robinson, Olsen, Pryor, Nock who have given thier all week in week out, maintained thier standards, but are let down by school boy errors from those around them.


Bledisloe II from the Park

Atmosphere was great, especially when the ABs clicked into gear after 15 or so minutes. That was an improved performance as you would expect, albeit in far better conditions which helped some of our players thrive.


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