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Recent selection philosophy & the consequences

I wanted to discuss this trap the All Black selectors have seemingly fallen victim to over the past 3-4 years. It's this philosophy that seems to be a continuation of Hansen & Foster's 2018-2019 season's mantra of attempting to cram as many of their best or flashiest players into a starting line-up


You'll smack six shades of shit out of us next week

Ah, the glorious fighting loss, that sets us up for a hiding next week. You guys are pulling your dick hairs out with frustration about Foster but ultimately you'll smack six shades of shit out of us next week. Yeah sure, Foster might be an idiot, but the cohesion issues won't be as prominent.


Horrible test, horrible series

Horrible test, horrible series. Lions should have been out of sight by half time, two butchered tries meant what should have been a 14 / 16 / 18 point halftime lead


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