Blues vs Crusaders

I walked away from Eden Park on Saturday night asking myself one question…have the Blues got the right skipper…?

Being down 3-12 and with a man in the bin, I thought the Blues did extremely well to keep the Saders scoreless during that time. However the decision not to take 3 points from a very kickable position on the stroke of halftime had many of us in the west stand shaking our heads. On 2 other occasions points on offer were turned down…

You often wonder why the Blues never quite get across the line in this local derby games…much of it you can put down to poor leadership and decision making on field.

Sure you can heap blame on individuals but despite that in many cases poor options when coming to terms of what’s required and understanding game situations is something they need to fix and in a hurry…I was often told, when you’re playing a good team, stay in the fight and when it gets down to the wire anything can happen, for that to happen you have to keep accumulating points.

There was a lot to like, talking to a good friend in Christchurch who caught up with Matt Todd earlier today… Todd had told him the Blues were definitely a different beast from previous years, very tough up front and more structure to their game, but they also knew whom to pressure in the last 15 minutes and get maximum value… interesting coms…

Just from my own point of view, I think the Blues would have Brocken their duck against any other franchise, but after all we are playing a team that’s got everybody else’s number in NZ.

Just on a man of the match… if Ardie and Sam are considered the best 7s in the country, Matt Todd must the unluckiest player running around… watched his running lines from the top of the west stand always in the right place at the right time… not far behind the young Ennor, but I have always known how good this kid was gonna be from his St Kent’s and NZ 20s days.

For the Blues, if Akira can keep this form up, who knows I am sure Hansen will no choice but to have him involved with the Blacks.Nonu surprised me, did most things right and more, got gassed by Ennor, but at the end of the day just up against younger faster legs.

I like the look of Tom Robinson, would love to see him used more running off a short pass from a prop channel 1 or 2…

Disappointed with the loss, but will be back for the next home game… loved the banter from the supporters up on the West Stand, never laughed so much at a game.

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