RWC: Are the gaps between games fair?

There has been a bit of chat here and on social media about the turnaround time for Fiji affecting their performance against Uruguay.

I did the quick figures (I sit to be corrected) based on the 3 intervals:

MIN() turnaround days in pool stage:
4-day (13): Argentina, England, Fiji, France, Georgia, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Uruguay, USA, Wales
5-day (4): Canada, Ireland, Namibia, Samoa
6-day (2): Aust, Tonga
7-day (1): Japan

MAX() turnaround days in pool stage:
11-day (2): France, New Zealand
10-day (1): Wales
9-day (4): England, Ireland, Russia, Scotland
8-day (8): Aust, Fiji, Georgia, Italy, Japan, Namibia, Tonga, Uruguay
7-day (4): Argentina, Samoa, South Africa, USA
6-day (1): Canada

AVG() turnaround days in pool stage (rounded):
8-day (1): Japan
7-day (9): France, New Zealand, Scotland, Tonga, Australia, England, Ireland, Italy, Wales
6-day (10): Namibia, Russia, Argentina, Fiji, Georgia, Samoa, Uruguay, Canada, South Africa, USA

Tough pool for Canada and a tough draw to boot.

Could really say the Wallabies have the best draw with minimum 6 day turnaround, maximum 8, and average 7

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