Why this feels different



October 27th, 2019

I'm upset and pissed off that we lost, but nothing like 95 99 03 07

I’m upset and pissed off that we lost, but nothing like 95 99 03 07.

I think this feels different because:

  • Back to back means we sleep well, no matter what, the monkey is well and truly off our back

  • That was a hell of an English performance. We could have got up, but would have been something special. In the past, we’ve bene beaten by teams that are really not on the same level, dodgy reffing, food poisoning, or choking.

  • We knew this wasn’t a vintage side. Losing 6 all time greats after 2015, a lot of people thought we’d be lucky to be a 50/50 chance going into the tourney. A year ago we got showed where we were - last week aside, that’s pretty much where we were 🙂 This wasn’t a great side, it was a decent outfit with some very good players in it. Perth, Chicago, Dublin, Lions 2+3 --> we’re ahead, but only just

  • England really put out something special. They arced up, and we just couldn’t lift to match them. Getting owned all over the park does happen sometimes, and if it does you have to cop it.

Still frustrated, but not as angry or upset as I have been. Here’s to the future, thanks to Shag for the good times, and roll on the rest of the knockouts.

This is also the cycle where we have seen how badly the player drain has hurt us. Piutau, Luatua, Faumauina, Vito - just a few who would have made a difference

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