What hurt more, CWC or RWC?

No Quarter

No Quarter

October 27th, 2019

It's funny, if you'd asked me what would hurt more, the All Blacks or Black Caps coming up short in the WCs, I'd have said the ABs all day long.

It’s funny, if you’d asked me what would hurt more, the All Blacks or Black Caps coming up short in the WCs, I’d have said the ABs all day long.

But here we are. I’m still genuinely not over the CWC. That one really hurt for so many reasons, namely:

It felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity for the BCs to get a WC

They played well enough to get it done, but we’re cruelly denied by:

  • An absurd deflection for 4 from Stokes bat at an absolutely crucial time.
  • The umpires then inexplicably gave 6 runs instead of 5 which meant England were able to draw.
  • The Super over then heavily favoured the English as they got to bat first so their set batsmen just kept going.
  • Despite that we did enough to win, except hang on a second, the ICC has, for reasons unknown to anyone that knows even the first thing about cricket, decided boundaries hit is more important than wickets lost.

The combination of the multiple injustices and the very rare chances the BCs get to win tournaments has made that result impossible to swallow.

This ABs loss has none of those things. We were just outplayed by a team that played much better rugby on the night. In fact for us to win we would have had to steal that against the run of play, rather than really deserving it. We’ve also won the thing 3 times, and will get many more chances to win it again.

Don’t get me wrong, it does hurt and I’m pretty bloody pissed at some of the decisions from the coaches and selectors that fed into this comprehensive defeat, which have been well covered already.

2007 hurt the most for me because I’m too young to remember 1987, so had grown up supporting the best team in the world that kept falling over at WCs. After getting so utterly screwed by one of the most incompetent reffing performances ever I was starting to doubt we’d ever win the damn thing again.

Thank fuck for 2011 and 2015!

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