Perth Test: Day Two



December 14th, 2019

Night Test cricket, best sport with beer ever invented

Oh Mitchell Stark you rotter! Fair dues though, fine second spell.

A good thriller movie can seize your attention and jangle with your nerves, but nothing like being 2 fer 1 and watching your two greatest batsmen guts it out for national pride!

After tea was totally captivating viewing. You couldn’t miss one ball as our two battled, ( no other word for it) against an Aussie team as cock a hoop as they can be. Wore them on the body, missed jaffas and pulled us out of a deep mire. A recovery mission if ever there was, if you’ll excuse the topic of the week.

Rosscoe has a free pass from my churlish frowns and cheap put downs for erternity. Coped them on the arms and ribs, used the full face diligently in defence, and then decided he might as well harass the goat, (gobby. overthetop. arse. tickler.) while he was there. And he’s still there! Fucken champion!

Kane was, (was) wonderful. His dismissal is a great tribute to pock marked Mitch. He drew Kane into a false shot with one that climbed a bit quicker and Kane missed his target gap by 5 metres. Well bowled more than poor shot. Good rescue though.

Criticism of Henry boy doesn’t sit well. Easily the worst way to get out, worse than backing up run outs, and he looked good before that. The least culpable dismissal.

Raval got done for pace more than anything, and is about to have a career defining series, whichever way it goes for him. Lucky they’ve got Burns…

Tommy looked a bit unlucky. You want your leftys tucking leg stump balls away for one so you can’t condemn the choice. Hopefully they’ve all talked about Rosscoes bat face on defence for 2 and a bit hours.

Couldn’t help but picture 2 Aussie quicks after a few hours in 50 degrees. There’ll be a lot of Marnus and Smudge tomorrow.

Obligated by common custom to say I feel for Hazelwood but thank fuck he went lame 😁. Cricket gods chucked us an unlikely leveller there!

Our run rate was grouse after a bizarre lack of shots from the ockers. All very Langer like in their approach and they executed their plan to have us bat after tea perfectly. Much kudos for their patience and focus on their goal. Was weird to see those strike rates in a comfortable Aussie first innings though.

A great day’s test cricket. Aus deservedly on top and an excellent example of a team trailing the game but also having played remarkably well. Australia just slightly more remarkable and a helping of extreme playing conditions deciding a lot of the progress thus far.

Great stuff both teams

So, today then. Just gotta keep the good balls out and be happy to leave the ball all day. Perfect BJ day. Ross will always score at a decent clip and Colin should never bat slowly, so the run rate will be fine. Hopefully slinky arrives to tired quicks, who’ll bounce the shit out of him, and gets 10 overs of spin to find his feet. A bit unsure how Colin goes to spin, but if we get 2 hours of big Col in the middle we’ll be fine (ish).

Aus need 2 good balls in 2 hours and they’ve probably saved the game.

It’s still on a knife edge, oz obviously in the box seat, and us with the curious objective of batting time in 45 degrees in order that the sun wears away at the Aussie bodies, like the cnut did to us.

Night Test cricket, best sport with beer ever invented

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