Onwards and Upwards



February 7th, 2020

TSF's biggest Michael Collins fan reviews the Highlanders v Sharks match

BOOM. Fucken take that naysayers. That's how you shit the bed.

Highlanders appear to have spent the extra week taking etiquette lessons in how to curtsey and smile meekly whilst waving visitors in.

Mixed bag from Fainganuku, who seemed to get better but will forever be judged by me on his biggest run. Nothing makes my blood boil more than watching a winger with the corner open decide he'd rather run into the cover.

Matchbox 20 stone, what an atrocious performance. Too much weights not enough basic skills work.

Something finally goes right for a SG special! Take a bow Mikael...Mika...Marino!

Backline looked better with Ioane leading it last year than what I saw tonight. Although we probably missed Walden more than anything.

That performance at the breakdown and general forward performance reminded me of the last time I was a canes supporter. Wonder what the link is?

Don't really get the fuss about McKay. Think I'd rather see Collins given a bash.

Dickson went well, good to see Hunt back out there and Lentjes actually starting to look like he's earnt his spot.

Onwards and upwards.

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