Tyson v Wilder II


African Monkey

February 27th, 2020

With Fury's new tactic of marching Wilder down from the get go, it sapped a lot of energy out of Wilder early

It was a masterstroke changing trainers for Fury to improve his work on the inside. Don’t get me wrong Ben Davidson did a decent job getting Fury back on track, but if Fury went into the rematch with the same plan as the first fight, he may have still won, but Wilder would have had much more of a chance of winning by setting up his one weapon - the straight right.

With Fury’s new tactic of marching Wilder down from the get go, it sapped a lot of energy out of Wilder early which had him backing up in straight lines which didn’t allow Wilder to get into position to set up his right hand as well as getting hurt regularly early on as Wilder had no answer to Fury picking him off from the inside. So by the time Wilder started throwing his right hand, he couldn’t generate any power from it as he couldn’t set it up properly and was just as worried about what Fury was going to throw back at him.

In the first fight between the two, yes Fury was winning on points, but Wilder was never hurt, nor worried about what Fury was throwing back at him. Just like Wilder fights in the past against Szpilka, Washington, Ortiz 2 etc where he was getting out boxed even against Arreola in parts, but not hurt by these guys so he could virtually spend all night against those guys figuring a way to land his one and only weapon.

Not this time however with Fury constantly on his chest battering him, his right hand was nullified with Fury using attack as the best form of defence. Not hovering off the back foot trying to fight at range worrying about getting hurt by Wilder and trying to win on the cards. Because if you fight with those tactics against Wilder, he Will eventually land that right hand.
Him and his team were smart to duck Povetkin in 2016, the man who had the best inside game at the time.

If Joshua, Whyte or whoever fights Wilder in the future, they’ll be smart to walk him down early and use their weight to their advantage by backing Wilder up in straight lines and tiring him out early.

One thing I do hope we don’t get is a 3rd Fury v Wilder fight. Fury is levels above Wilder.

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