Expectations for the Warriors



February 27th, 2020

It’s going to suck. If it's better than sucking it’s a bonus. I think we are good for 8-10 games.

It would feel wrong to have great expectations about a warriors season. “Keeping the faith” is a long forgotten mantra or at least any unbelievable type of one. I think, that a quarter of a century of following this c@nt of a team we can be honest with our pre season assessments now.

It’s going to suck. If it’s better than sucking it’s a bonus. I think we are good for 8-10 games. I expect some players will be released and go on to teams where they are challenged to be better. They’ll be better and win accolades for great lay if not premierships.

We’ll pin our hopes to RTS. He’ll deliver what he can. He will pull us over the line like only he can. When he eventually submits to the pressure of carrying 8-10 useless over paid and under coached players on his back by either leaving or injuring himself we’ll pin our hopes to some kid that is underdone but has an amazing goosie.

We’ll wonder if there maybe are too many islanders. Maybe we need more aussies. Maybe we need a more Polynesian, Polynesian coach than the one we have. One that wears a lava lava. Maybe we need Wayne Bennett or Craig Bellamy. Maybe both. Maybe we need Ardie or even Julian. Fuck knows really, what’s needed at this club but I’m pretty sure we don’t need Kearney.

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