UFC 248



March 8th, 2020

O’Malley looked great after a long lay off. He’s going to make a run at the title and it’s going to be fun.

Zhang and Joanna was a fight for the ages. Not just as a woman’s fight but for all mma fights. It was amazing. If Joanna had won no one, who understands and loves mma, would have been disappointed. But fuck me with the braids and that haematoma Joanna initially looked like a klingon and by the final round she looked like Grendal from the CGI Beowulf movie from a few years ago.

Izzy was smart and stayed out of the way. That’s not running. Especially when Romero has a leg that looked like tenderised steak.

Yoel is a strange guy. World class wrestler that doesn’t wrestle. So when your other weapons are counter striking and that’s not working for you, you would expect him to attempt to wrestle. But aside from one ineffective take down and one stuffed take down Yoel fought like an idiot. I thought, at first, he’s very smart. Doing nothing but stand with his guard up for the first round. No energy exerted, now it’s a 4 round fight. But he did that for the whole fucking fight.

Then to bitch about it after the fact and lay the blame at Izzy?! He was beaten because he did fuck all. I can’t believe the shit I’ve read on Instagram. People saying he was robbed and he fought the perfect fight. Other saying this was the worst title fight ever. Silva vs Maia was the worst title fight I have seen but then the casuals complaining about this fight have no idea who Silva or Maia are.

The one take away I got was that Costa has been eating way too much coxhina. He looked fat and seemed to be wearing lippy.

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