The End of Radio Sport



March 31st, 2020

I’m super disappointed. My thoughts on the good and bad.

Firstly, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Already on this thread I’ve seen some suggest an announcer I quite liked, they hated with a passion. You’ll get that.

Anyway, I still tuned in over on the left side of the deetch when I could (their ‘Week on Demand’ recordings got me through many morning exercise sessions, and weekend gardening efforts). It gave me a direct connection to the sport I was still connected with over there. More so than over here.

So random thoughts that I may add to or amend.

I generally enjoyed their breakfast shows. Devlin in particular.

Devlin’s rants could piss me off when I disagreed with him but I generally enjoyed him.

I know many of you disliked Veitch. I could park the reputation, and again generally (not always) enjoyed the show. His weekend afternoon’s got a bit formulaic but meh (tried too hard to repeat and repeat and repeat his points).

Mulligan was was quite good and was the highlight of the brekkie shows featuring him, Richardson and Doull.

Nate Rarere ( @Gibbit ) was fun, and KJ and Peers played good straight guys to him recently.

I miss the longer interviews.

Telfer did this really well and I think they suffered through getting rid of him. He’d spend a whole hour (less ads and news) interviewing a sportsman or author. They haven’t done this recently and I think that’s been to their detriment.

Veitch could and did the longer interviews well.

Announcers I didn’t like:

Lose. Thought he was dumb. Would try and take a contrary position to try and generate controversy but really couldn’t sustain a logical argument.

Watson. Hated rugby particularly and team ball sports generally. Was a hard listen because of that anger. Would yell over the top of anyone who had a vaguely different opinion.

Golightly, similar. Kind of seemed to hate sport and would not buy into any disagreement.

There’s probably more.

Guys who were OKish, somewhere between “I kinda liked” and “I didn’t really dislike”:

Graham Hill. He was at least entertaining.

Phil Gifford. Knew his sport, if at times I found that he struggled to articulate his message.

Waldegrave. Wasn’t someone I went out of my way to listen to. No offence to Darcy. Just usually by the time I had listened to the preceding broadcasts in a day it was time to pack it in.

Dewhurst. Ok. Too much soccer.

Larmer. Never warmed to his delivery.

Pine. Ok but found him a bit bland.

McCardy. See Pine.

The upshot for me on reflection and reading my own opinions above is enjoyment.

The guys who really enjoyed sport, revelled in its history and its fun, and were able to convey that to the audience were the guys I liked.

Do hope they come back.

But good luck to @DrivingMaul if he can make a go of something.

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