TSF Tipping - Super Rugby Aotearoa



June 8th, 2020

We're live again! Still the same link https://www.thesilverfern.com/tipping/

A new tipping form and spreadsheet have been created so enter your tips now at


Changes are as follows

  • No team competition, you're all just playing for yourself for these 10 weeks.

  • 80 points per weekend - double points for picking winner and margin as before so 40 points for the 2 games. 8 more categories of 5 points each.

  • For a team score, you score 5 for being correct or within 1, 4 for being 2/3 out, 3 for being 4/5 out etc etc. So if you're 10 or more away you get zero.

  • For team tries, you score 5 for being correct and 2 for being within 1.

The first game is on Saturday at 5pm so you have until then to submit.

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