Chiefs v Blues

That was an enjoyable game to watch. The best parts for me are the exits after we score are clinical. Super organised on defence and we play with structure.

Forwards are very, very impressive. Patrick is playing the rugby of his career, I love that he’s even more effective late in games. The nutrition tweak has helped him enormously.

Sotutu seems like a no brainer to try at eight for the All Blacks.

Akira has a very good return. He played a similar game around the field as Robinson last week, so good to see him slot in seamlessly to the team. Beast on defence, and all our loose forwards are working hard.

Not great conditions for the backs, some nice touches there and they looked after the Chiefs backs pretty comfortably.

Corner has officially been turned.

And the second week in a row we took the ref out of the game. Frustrating inconsistency in the application there. All I want as a fan is predictability, so if you see someone leave their feet you know they will be pinged.

What we are seeing is one team will get pinged for that, and the other not. Then it swaps, or they stop being strict anymore.

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