Kearney Sacked from the Warriors

Yes the roster is dogshit, but Kearney has been there for 3.5 years, so it's all his.

He's been a head coach for 121 first grade games. He has won 42 of those. This should not be a shock to anyone

He's getting an awful lot of sympathy over here, and honestly that's understandable (people loving the Warriors for what they did to get the footy back) but in all seriousness this should have happened 12 months ago.

The recruitment at the Warriors for several years has been "did you play for the kiwis once? okay have a truck-ton of money" or even worse, trying to buy ex-Storm players (which works out for no one).

We are never going to buy ready-made origin-level talent, so stop trying. Identify needs and fill them with solid pros, and identify local talent to provide that bit extra. We have one part of the spine sorted. I assume our hooker is cheap, so that's okay, but our halves? The money Nikorima is on is a just another bad warriors contract. We need a complete rebuild, which is a shame, because RTS is going to realise he wasted the best years of an elite level career by playing in Auckland. He deserves better.

The new coach needs to provide an edge to all prep. The Roosters had a 5-day turnaround to a game against the other unbeaten side. They lost a player to injury because of the intensity of the defensive session they did on Thursday. I somehow doubt there has been that level of prep in the Warriors for some time (not just Kearney to be fair).

On the NRL as a whole

The QLD teams are dogshit. Green should be the next coach sacked given he actually has a good roster to work with, and the Cowboys are terrible. The Broncos have an unbalanced squad, and too many passengers. The Titans are just stacked with ordinary, and losing meekly to the Dragons is damning.

Manly are a bloody tough side, and those Trbo… Turbo… Trj… those brothers they have a both really fucking good. I would say they are the 2nd best team in the comp right now. Newcastle are going well, playing off the back of a big, mean forward pack. Mitchell Pearce is the reason they can’t win the comp, even given an armchair ride against a shit Broncos team he worked against them last week. I have a sneaky suspicion that Parra are once again pretenders. Everyone else is making up the numbers.

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