Highlanders v Crusaders

Paradoxically I warmed more to my team in that scoreboard hiding game. Went into this one with that same forlorn hope you’d have when the blackcaps would play Australia in a onedayer 15 years ago. Not expecting a win at all.

Crusaders backs vs Landers? Fucking 2 levels down apart from the halfback. So to be in it so long was good.

By fuck that Highlanders winger is going to be dead to me for a long time. That was the bit. That’s what deflated the team most, Jesus Christ man, that one’s going to cost a lot of hat-tricks.

Frizell’s cool. Nugget was great. Parkinson impresses. Whoever the forwards coach is, he’s got them over performing.

It as a good game for 70 minutes.

That “obviously offside” stipulation is great. Really get to see team’s with space off rucks.

Crusaders are good. Best in the land (again) and lots of depth.

Good win crusaders, good game Landers

(Select Walden please, unless his water carriage is too good to ignore, of course)

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