The Blues season so far

Well, we’ve had a good season. Winning against the Crusaders in a fortnight would set up next year nicely I reckon, give the lads some confidence.

Massive improvements all over the park. I think the most visible thing is the defence - Blues are now hard to break down, and have even built a maul defence. Well done Tom Coventry, he’s got those guys really playing for each other up front.

Improved players for me - there are plenty. Ofa, Kurt, PT, GCT, all loosies, Nock/Christie.

Our scrum has become a real weapon. Lineout not wobbly any more and we even scored some maul tries.

Backs speak for themselves. TJ >> Plummer (and I"m a massive Plummer fan, but he hasn’t delivered this year)

Rieko is going to be hard to go past in the ABs at 13 I suspect - so much upside, and starting to really find his feet.

BB a really mixed bag. Probably gave the team some confidence, and kicked very very well at times, but also responsible for some absolute howlers. Goalkicking a real workon… again.

So, for next year. Keep building; not sure we’re losing any big names which is nice. We have shown that we can win despite conceding massive penalty counts, territory and possession. Need to play smarter and just dismantle teams; a lot of that is in the top two inches.

Overall, I’m absolutely stoked with the year. If we win on the last weekend, we finish with the same number of wins as the Crusaders, and don’t win the comp due to bonus points. I’ll take that every single day, particularly given how far back we’ve come from. The franchise has created a credible place to play rugby and push for higher honours, and that more than anything should keep us on the up for years to come.

Watch out 2021/2022… could easily be our years!

Also, a shoutout to every damn team in this competition. It’s been sensational, no easy beats, everyone has competed all the way through. Awesome for testing the ABs, but not sustainable I fear, with all the injuries we’re seeing.

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