Should Cane be AB captain?

Right now I’m less comfortable with Cane as captain of the ABs. Much as I love him as a player and defender, I believe there are still question marks over his captaincy.

He didn’t manage to make any headway to pulling the Chiefs ailing ghost ship out of the fog in SRA , and it appears he still is plagued by issues around that brittle neck/noggin area.

I want my ABs captain to stay on the field and rally the the troops when the chips are down. I want him to have the ear of the ref - but not as a whiny little biatch, but on a one-to-one basis which makes refs think and take note. I want my captain to take stock, to guide , lead and be calm when it matters.

I still believe that GOAT’s efforts in that 2015 WC semi against SA was one of the best captaincy displays you will see. That match could have gone either way, but for three senior players stepping up to the plate when it mattered. But I reckon GOAT’s doggedness and resolve percolated down through the team - in stark contrast to many of the recent AB efforts.

So, I’d be much more comfortable with Codie Taylor - or Patty T as AB Captain - both have played superb rugby this season, have the respect and mana - and in particular I think Patty T has really come a long way in terms of learning/game management.

As for Sam Cane - well I think the jury is still out. We shall have to wait and see, but I hope this doesn’t go down as one of Foster’s experiments.

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