A Pasifika Super Rugby side?

So this proposed Pasifika franchise being supported by Beegee Williams, despite being promoted to the contrary, can only take away from the already thinning depth of the five NZ SR squads.

They’re saying they’ll focus on bringing back European-based Pasifika players for 2022. Now given they’re Auckland-based, commercially this makes zero sense as who is going to spring up out of nowhere to give them the money to achieve something NZ Rugby with much greater revenue streams hasn’t been able to achieve over years and years? The only guys I would imagine they could afford to pay when competing with the Pound or Franc, would be guys at the end of their careers.

The other source of players - and the only one mentioned for 2021 - is fringe SR players of Pacifika heritage in the NPC. This only serves to undermine the five wafer-thin and increasingly youthful NZ squads.

They speak of developing Pasifika players in NZ. Sorry, but if they’re worth developing they’ve already been identified and are in the system. Again, there’s no undiscovered player well yet to be plumbed.

Lastly, this especially undermines the Blues, dividing their support base, further pressuring their development system and possibly costing them commercial partners.


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