Well, shit I'm still steaming

Well, shit I’m still steaming.

I’m pissed, and the reason is that all of this was called in advance. Players picked out of position, poor game plan and dumb rugby - everything we feared about Foster’s All Blacks.
We had better players than Australia, but they were clearly better coached and it showed. Up for it? Not sure we were in the same way.


Cane was outstanding. If you wanted a leader look at that bastard. Worked his guts out.
Defence was really solid. Some freakish tries (following interesting ref calls) to get there.

Um, I’m struggling after that


Players out of position killed us. Jordie, Ardie, Goodhue in particular

Forwards were good without being dominant

Mo’unga chose a bad time to shit the bed.

Gameplan was terrible (what gameplan?), and the lack of rugby nous in fielding kicks had me yelling at the TV. Seriously, with the wind behind them, how the hell do you let a farking dropout from the 22 go over your head, and basically gift Aus 40 m and possession. My. Head. Exploded.

Lack of a dropgoal at the end. Have we learned nothing from SA a few years ago? Seriously? FFS people, get better

We did well living on scraps, offence looked great in the first 40. Rieko needs to learn how to put the ball down.
Unlike @tim I’m OK with Frizzel; he just smashed into people all night.

Argh, I’m really annoyed. Win here was important. God knows we need to get up next week

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