Late to the Party: a review of Bledisloe One

Ok late to the party, here we go...

Frizzel, looked like he was finally going to step up in the first 15 mins, then faded pretty badly and became a background player.

Taylor - what happened to the guy that came in and replaced Coles and didn't miss a beat with being an attacking game changer?

Ofa - definitely needs to pick his moments better but was a shining light in our tight 5 physicality.

Tuipulotu - what happened to the barnstorming blues player? Melted into the background much like Frizzel.

Whitelock - surprised to see him getting grief, ball in hand he actually made a couple of really good runs into the defence, unfortunately it's offset by the amount of times (like the rest of the forwards) he gets the ball standing still 5m behind the gain line and has no chance. What the fuck is up with this pattern?

Savea - didn't look himself at all, is he injured? Getting dragged back by the opposition 9 who's probably the smallest in the oppo isn't exactly a good look for an 8.

Smith - again looked off his game, 80% of his game was there, but surprisingly lacked accuracy in his passing and decision making, especially early.

Mounga looked like a debutant out of his depth.

Goodhue - similar type of game to Whitelock, the rest has been said - he's a great centre and defender.

Roane - thought he had an excellent game for a debut centre, then he goes and fucks up that try, illustrating that uncontrollable ego that irks so many of us. Surely he could eat some humble pie by now?

DMac - about a hundred times better than any other footy he's played this year, but another one having that covered up by deadly errors.

Clarke - surely he's starting next match?

Sotutu - surely he's starting next match?

All in all, just so many fuck ups from a team that used to pride itself on accuracy.

The worst thing for me - it all played out exactly how many would have predicted from the dire team selected. How the fuck can average Joe see this shit and Foster can't. What is he making his decision on that we don't know?

Highlight - Smith's try was a gorgeous bit of salt in the wounds and if we'd won it would have made a great highlight vid paired up with the Wallas go at the same move. Especially if someone else hadn't acted the fucktard and could score a try like the Wallabies debut winger.



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