Fuck this I'm getting drunk

I’m not buying the notion that we can’t field a team to win regularly. The rugby talent bit isn’t a problem, surely. I’ve got no issues with the personnel in the playing squad. Good lads.

Now I can’t decide if we are arrogant or dumb with the same old tactics we’ve dished up over about 3 and a bit years.

I’ve been convincing myself of the “powder dry” theory since 2017 and I’ve gone mad waiting for it.

There’s nothing fucking there!?

Flat backline fucked over numerous times by rush defence.

After 3 back and fro’s, put in a chip kick that 50% of the time results in a try saving tackle down the other fucking end!

Tons of one offs and 2 offs that barely reach the advantage- thanks hagrid.

Kicking so much goddamn ball away and not even having a Habana like chasing.

Never going one off from a ruck, (except chasing today when it worked!)

Never any audacious moves like that tana, Cully, jonah, pod , lineout extravaganza that time against yellow.

A single focussed reliance on a Dagg or a Reiko, or a Caleb to break a line and then support play makes it a winning strategy. Gets fucked over if old mate is determined to make his tackle - nevermind, “we’ll shovel it along the other way and give Beaudy a chance against a set defence.”

A visible lack of any ability to change a tactic and work a specific strategy for 10 minutes at least. Just when you know we must hang onto the ball, someone will " express themselves" and kick it. We’ll get ball from a set piece and in two run of the mill phases we’ll be back to shovel ball and relying on a missed tackle.

It’s fucken turgid, and I’m sick of it.

I’m resigned to speaking like a cock - it’s like those cunts, collectively, have little respect for the game. Trot out the same old shit and hope for the inevitable individual brilliance or, better yet, Laura to make the opposition try too hard.

I hate saying this but we play like we know everything about the game. Like we don’t fully respect the game and all it’s diversity. The Hanson/Foster way is outdated, too limited, but mostly, doesn’t have Richie FUCKING McCaw in it!!!

The players are more than adequate.

We got done by a new coach making his own decisions and reinvigorating his team with a fresh enthusiasm. Our old coach is rehashing a failed strategy and the players are looking completely unenthused by all of it. Fuck we’ve looked bad over the last 2 weeks.

And the discipline?

Fuck me that must be a sign of a lack of focus and task clarity. That an organisation like the All Blacks can’t work out face slaps and ruck supermans leaves me wondering what kind of a slack shit show is going on in these pampered facilities.

Totally schooled by the Argentinians on how to conduct yourself on a test rugby field!

The fucken shame in that!

The real question is how long do we have to pretend before we usher in Scott as a breathe of fresh air and a new direction - with a fond departure to the 2015 win and the first test against the Lions in 2017.

I like you fozzie, and I greatly admired your play for Waikato, but mate somehow, you’ve used 5 games to fully show me your hand, and mate, you’re bust!

Fuck this I’m getting drunk…where were you when the All Blacks looked like Southland…?

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