Beaten by a better team

I got very drunk during the game and fell asleep not long after. So I’m up at 4:30am on a Sunday

We were soundly beaten by a better team. They looked better conditioned from the start to about the 66 minute. They were physically and tactically stronger than us. They played territory to close out the game and defended like demons for 80 min. It’s hard to say this but I stopped thinking we could win at half time. I just didn’t see anyone on the field that could turn it around. No one. We do not have someone that can take over a game anymore. BB looks like he can still hit a gap and pull out some freakish plays. But the time spent switching between positions has affected his game management. It’s all a bit predictable now.

Mo’unga was rubbish yesterday. He played so casually like the game wasn’t hanging in the balance. That’s a good trait to have if you can follow up a poor play with several good ones. Like James Maloney in league. But the problem for Richie is he often makes a mistake and then we don’t see him do any at all for very long stretches. That’s not what you need leading your team around the field. Not ready to throw the baby out with the bath water. He was outstanding a couple games back. But he’s still very much a work in progress.

I think Goodhue has been off all of the test series. He’s not making ground on carries and he’s been caught out on defense a few times. Looks underdone or carrying an injury. He’s much better player than what we have seen this year. His mate in the mid field has been outstanding though. ALB is going from strength to strength every game. Strong defender and makes ground on every carry. Best back this year.

Clarke got a reality check today. Will go back to calling him Eroni’s son instead of calling Clarke senior Caleb’s dad. I think Reece would have been a better option against this defense and with how flat we were on offence. Jordie Barrett needs to be given time in the 15 jersey. He was shit yesterday and was rightfully subbed but he’s playing out of position. I’d like to see McKenzie out on the wing. Just to see if we are potentially missing a trick. Yes I understand that would be playing another specialist fullback out of position…

The scrum got eaten yesterday. This is something we have been extremely strong in for a number of years now. So why have we suddenly gone backwards? I’m a fucken winger so can a prop explain it to me please. Redbeard was always good for that. Our lineout is consistently the best or in and around the best, year in year out. But not last night.

Aside from Whitelock I was disappointed with the entire forward back. They were bitch slapped for 80min. Hosking Sotutu made an impact against a tiring Puma pack but I’m struggling to think of a period we’re our pack looked cohesive or imposing.

I’m going to upset some of you Cane-Inites but he’s not a captains arsehole. ALB was taken high off the ball and eventually sent for an HIA. Nothing from Cane to the ref. Earlier in the game JB was hit with a shoulder to the head in a loose almost armless tackle and he stayed down for a long period. Cane should have been screaming at the ref to look for foul play. But again nothing. Smith was hit high in a yet another dubious tackle and again nothing from Cane. There was a maul formed on the Pumas line. The ref called out a pumas player to hold his position. Smith went to clear the ball and that player the ref called out then knocked the ball out of smiths hands. That’s 10 in the bin everyday of the week. We were hot on attack and Cane did not blow up. That’s all you need to know he’s not the guy. Cant fault his effort to put his body on the line. But he’s not the guy. “Who do you give to then, raz?” I hear you say. Fuck knows. Whitelock? Certainly plays like a “follow me”guy but is too quiet like Cane. A returning Retallick maybe. No one in the backs. Once upon a time Coles would have been good but he’s a 40-50min player now with an idiot streak that he’s never grown out of.

The ref was as shit as a ref can be. That charge down call was some shit he imagined. One of the worst calls I have ever seen. It shows a lack of feeling for the game and a lack of common sense. No excuses we lost because we were shit. But Angus put on one of the worst performances I’ve seen from a referee in years.

Lots to work on for the players. Very sure the coaches don’t have the ability to turn it around with a bit of motivational speaking. Because what ever was said at half time yesterday did Jack shit to spark them.

Probably a good thing Boks aren’t here this year

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