All Blacks v Argentina - Rewatch

Thoughts from a rewatch of first 50. In some ways not a bad as I thought, in others much worse. Based on first 50 don’t think it is fair to blame Foster for everything.


  • ABs actually did quite a lot well, without doing anything extraordinary.

  • Trouble is it seems there was a 5 minute outbreak of brain fade amongst ABs which, by giving away stupid penalties, relieved pressure on Pumas and in some cases also led to points.

Cole slap penalty reversal 24
Jordie no arms 25
Frizell illegal cleanout 28
Savea comes round ruck thinking ball out 29


  • The last of these nearly conceded a try, and then when Puma TH dropped left shoulder and bored in Moody penalised for dropping bind, which, given he was by then pushing on TH hip, was ludicrous. 3 points.

  • Even then there was some light (albeit what seemed minutes lost for kick/kick off/another scrum (this time where Puma TH penalised for same thing)) and then Mo’unga overdoes kick to touch. Another scrum and half time at 16-3. It could/should have been 13-3/16-8.

Then in first 10 of second:

  • AB backline runs move for what looks like first time ever and Jordie knocks on.

  • Things led to another scrum in front of Puma sticks and Puma LH drags down on Lomax’s jersey and he eventually goes to ground. Gardner penalises ABs, when it should have been other way around.

  • To make matters worse, from lineout Puma maul draws penalty, then another stupid one from Goodhue, and hey presto it’s 19-3 instead of 16-6. Huge difference at that stage.

  • Last act of 50, ABs lose lineout on own throw.

  • AB players need to take ownership for stupid acts of self sabotage, which made Pumas look considerably better than they probably were. That said, they could only play what was in front of them, which was a bit of a rabble.

I agree with a lot of the general theme of posters about the development (or not) of AB game, but if players don’t use their heads not a lot the coaching team can do.

More’s the pity, because I think if ABs had focussed on maintaining the pressure the signs are the points would have come.

Ok, last 30 rewatch

Again, better than I expected, but SO annoying.

  • 50-53 Some good lineout work – Savea!! – and two good mauls lead to try. 10 - 19.

  • BUT THEN After good Smith kick off return to halfway, Clarke marks poor Puma box kick, but, rather than tap and pass to BB/RM, kicks himself and gains 3m. From lineout one phase then Mo’unga is stupidly standing on 22 when ruck is 2m inside. ACTUAL offside line. In front. 10 -22 after 57.

That is very important because Pumas leaked plenty of penalties in their 22 in last 20. At 10 - 19 we take kick and one try to win. But now need two tries.

  • At the 60 Pumas penalised on 22. Kick means lineout 10m out. UK coverage missed lineout but we lost it?

  • Soon after a short kick from RM advances us to 22.

  • At 63 JG off for DMac and Roane to 13. Play develops and Pumas knock on. Excellent scrum and Sotutu advances to 22, good ruck and overlap (photo to follow). RM-ALB-Roane, who drops ball with Clarke unmarked and one covering Puma to beat. Sure JG would have nailed that assist. :angry_face:

  • Now 66 and good AB scrum. We regain possession and ALB makes good ground angling back close to ruck. Has another similar good dab shortly after RM grubber straight to Puma. Another penalty 40m out.

  • 71 ANOTHER penalty right in front of sticks Good scrum, excellent Sotutu break and pass which if it hits Dmac is try and if converted real chance of win. But if Sotutu had kept running also probably try, but easier conversion.

  • 73.30 ANOTHING FARKING PENALTY right in front. Scrum? No. Weber taps (tip from TJP?), turnover, kicked to halfway, dubious penalty from maul??, Sanchez kicks it. 10-25. GAME OVER.

In 15 minutes (58-73) we had at least two try scoring opportunites, numerous penalties in Puma half (some in 22), score NOTHING, and they get to halfway ONCE and steal 3!!!

ABs did a lot right, but if chances aren’t taken matches are lost.

Still not going just to blame Foster.

Some observations:

  • ABs made chances and Puma gaps were exposed, despite mood of thread.

  • Sotutu transformed ABs in loose.

  • Savea good lineout option and seemed better at breakdown once Sotutu on.

  • AB scrum with Moody/Taylor/Laulala in front row had edge on Puma starters.

  • ALB footwork at 12 unlocked Puma defence. Pity JG couldn’t have just swapped with him at the 68 mark!!!

  • DMac added some spice.

I’m backing ABs to rebound very strongly in a fortnight…

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