Fumble fingered directionless passive lumps of lard

Deep breath.

Been avoiding this thread since half time on Saturday as I’m sure it’s all been analysed far more expertly and written far more eloquently than I could manage.

Have not read this thread (kinda glanced over some of the others) and it probably take me all week to read all of this. But will share thoughts regardless.

What would have been funny is recording Mrs Boo’s watching experience. Didn’t get that potty mouth from me.

Anyway, at that stage in the thread I was angry with both our idiot fumble fingered directionless passive lumps of lard and Angus Gardner.

I don’t like having a crack at refs (but I still do it) but I’ll give myself leave to have a shot at Angus who was awful in that first half. He got gamed by the Argies and should have pinged them from that first argument where Sanchez whined and whinged.

It went too far and deserved a rebuke.

Then he got suckered by their niggle and our stoopid stoopid reaction to it. Not sure who was dumber, Angus or Coles and Frizzel.

So he settled into the mindset of if the ABs look like they’re infringing they are. The Jordie “late charge” was just ridiculous.

But I’m not here to whinge about Angus, as his level of dumb was steadily overtaken by us as the game wore on. However I do have to say he contributed to their lead which forced us into catch up footy. But we overshadowed him in contributing to our own demise.

Lots to complain about, but mostly our lack of go forward. And ball skills.

Random thoughts follow.

I really worry about the effectiveness of our tight five. We just weren’t getting over the advantage line.

Sam W was Sam W, but the rest were kind of ineffectual.

We seem to have overrated SRA. Paddy T ( huge fan) had not delivered in tests.

We looked small. Since when? Missed the “pack weight” graphic. IIRC correctly the first scrum was waaay into the game so we may all have missed it. (Was I right in thinking it was 30 odd minutes in? Or did I just miss it?).

Argues gamed the ref (see above). Kudos.

Wherever we were trying to hit it up/Take it into contact they read us I said at half time that I felt we were running big guys into the 13 channel, and that there seemed to be more space wider. I’m not talking trying to shift it to the winger to score off first phase. I’m talking about finding somewhere where we can get over the gain line. Thought we either had to do that really close, or really wide.

Maybe some inside balls would be good.

Not convinced about our kicking. To my mind you either belt the living daylights out of it or just don’t. Keep it in hand. Forget box kicking it achieves nothing for us.

I agree with @gt12 about just picking one. Pick Sam. Pick specialist (and very talented Sotutu at) 8. And even though Frizzell was much more effective that previously, puck the best 6, Ioane, at 6. Ardie comes off the bench.

Would have preferred Beaudy at 10, Jordie at 15, but realistically 10/15 of either RM/BB or BB/JB should do the job.

12 and 13 are round the wrong way.

Reiko should start on the wing. Either. And, despite being a massive fanboi, I think he needs to reign it in just a tad. The Instagram post is indicative of a bit if a tood.

In all of that, I think our backs are close, but our forwards really need to find their mojo.

Also, her resembled Australia with the amount of dropped ball.

And finally … I started a bit of a rant last week post Brisbane, about conceding penalties. Just don’t! If we get isolated release the fucking ball. Conceding possession and 30m-40m of territory is not worth it. Let them have it and work hard for the territory. So often we give away a penalty on attack, nay the 22, and find ourselves conceding points from a lineout 30km out from our own line. Stop it.

Have to say I was not convinced by Bled 2 and 3. Despite the record score in 3 we stopped playing for 30minutes.

I really want Fozzie to succeed. He is the All Black coach after all. And we’re guaranteed him until this time next year (so stop the whinging). But I understand the reservations.

So much for “I’ll just do a short post then flick through the thread”. I’m sure this has all been said. But I restart the read from half time and catch up with you all in about a week.

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