Wow. Beating the Aussie champs is wwaayyy easier than beating the kiwi champs!

Wow. Beating the Aussie champs is wwaayyy easier than beating the kiwi champs! 😉

It might not be possible to underestimate what a fucken hard task that was for the Reds. The euphoria of that extra time win, last week, after a smashing season, and then head to dunners on a 6 day turn around? Fuck that. The stress regarding the decision not to scrum was so big and felt by us let alone them. That decision pays off and that’s an extra day of recovery for any human right there!

Against a rested and research laden home town. That’s tough. Those Reds will be a handful from here.

The Brand is as vital to the Reds as toilet boy is to us.

Aussie teams always get the nuts and bolts of rugby, particularly defence and turnovers, but lack a little skill execution when going flat out. They always seem smarter than kiwi teams but lack something when the script isn’t perfected. I’ve watched us towel us up when the script is perfected though. It always involves Dan Herbert in my wounded mind.

Ash Dixon’s a top bloke.

Could’ve sealed it at half time.

Liam Wright is awesome. Did he fuck off for a bit? I seem to remember a gun “Liam” up there a while ago. Mighty player then and now.

That boy O’Keeffe really tries his heart out to do his job to the best of his ability. I can’t agree with all of his decisions or how he’s governed to adjudicate but his communication reflects he’s having a crack. Can’t knock that.

Fuck, win the thing spectacularly, one night party, have to leave Queensland heat and travel to fucking Dunedin cold. Fuck that. The lack of party option is cruel.

Actually got a bit shitty with highlanders play. Thought they could be better - probably the kicks and penalties. But the kicks proved to be a well constructed strategy, and the dumb penalties are as part of nz rugby as length of the field tries - haven’t you noticed?

Aaron smith’s pass should be cherished and never taken for granted

Collins is a handy football brain.

To think we played Tompkins over Walden for a whole season. That decision had to be personal.

I know it worked, but at 26-12, take the three. I guess it felt different on the pitch.

I once sentenced Nareki to 2 hattricks and 3 MoM prizes, or some such, as penance for being a fluffybunny. He made me apoplectic by savagely butchering a 3 on 1 overlap to bury the blues last season. It was as disgusting as flopping it out and pissing on a wedding cake, mid ceremony. He’s served his sentence and his past is forgotten. I know he’ll transgress again but he warmed my heart today. Fuck how slippery is he? I’ve always said he’s a good lad.

Can’t attribute Brown to this one. Dermody’s got his name to this one and I hope he’s not satisfied with it. Good win coach.

Really? Can you be tackled short of the line, be completely stationary and just roll the ball over for a try? Once upon a time the act of properly dotting down was a skill.

Good counter rucking and smart breakdown play from the reds, fluffybunnies were offside a lot from rucks though.

The jap fulla is learry giving his best.

Where’s young Josh? That backline, Nareki apart, doesn’t have any spontaneity. I’m at peace with him being another wasted talent, because he likes to get… umm … wasted, but he’s got some game. As a Lee Grant, have you ever thought that the tale of the wasted talent is a shared experience for all rugby people everywhere? Every rugby head can regale the feats and attributes of a wasted gun, and the beauty is that we knew the “Josh Ioane’s” of our stories up close. It’s the same at grassroots level, even if nobody knows who you’re talking about - everyone can picture a wasted talent.
He’s probably injured isn’t he?

Excellent win. Well done fellas. Decent set pieces, pretty good actually. Attacking play off rucks seemed a bit rudimentary, mostly blokes running into contact but tactically the job got done.

Renting was good.

Our turn to have a travelling mental head fuck in Perth next week. Good test.

Game of the year so far at Suncorp next week.

Aaron Smith’s pass.

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