Blues win Trans Tasman competition

Well, damn that is great. A reasonably full Eden Park, no rain, a victory, happy days. Relaxing quietly at home now after a big afternoon out. Really stoked for the team, and particularly the coaches - turning around a dysfunctional organisation is a big deal.

Highlanders are exceptional at covering their weaknesses. Their scrum was getting pasted, but only conceded one scrum penalty - and managed to win one back. Blues couldn’t ram that advantage home.

Blues ruck work was outstanding, protecting the ball except for a 20 minute period where we tried to give the game to the 'landers. Really, though, the Highlanders didn’t show much on attack except where they were winning back to back penalties from the ref.

I’m delighted for Plummer, who really stepped up and kicked the clutch kicks. The first (from near the sideline) was a terrible choice - we had the highlanders out on their feet, they were passive, just standing and watching the Blues run at them … so naturally we kicked the penalty 😐 No words.

Blues should have won by a thowsand, but a win is a win. Monkey off back, can’t wait for next year. Beaudy at 10 will make a difference, and an extended offseason for Leon to work on the 9s will be important.

Delighted to win, such a big relief. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 13 seasons, and there’s been a lot of shawshank before the redemption.

So stoked right now.

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