What to watch for in Bledisloe I

Looking forward to this match.

The phoney war against Tonga and Fiji is over and we can start to have a serious test match that has meaning and a prized trophy on the line.

Keen to see this All Black side step up and start to put together some consistent high quality performances.

Due to the Covid situation, we are in a position where we have talented players come through but really hard to say many are world class as they only played Aus and arg last year.

I am sure the set piece will go well but keen to see us lift our breakdown performance and carry on with our mauling against stronger, organised defence. On defence, I haven’t been very happy with ours for some time, so keen to see how our systems have developed and how Aus will test us.

Would like to see the ABs execute their game plan and exert true test match pressure on Aus at our spiritual home. If we do that I will be happy and the scoreline will take care of itself.

Looking forward to BBBR re-announce himself properly and looking to Papalii to have his breakout test match.

Enjoy the game chaps👍

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