You'll smack six shades of shit out of us next week

Ah, the glorious fighting loss, that sets us up for a hiding next week.

You guys are pulling your dick hairs out with frustration about Foster but ultimately you’ll smack six shades of shit out of us next week. Yeah sure, Foster might be an idiot, but the cohesion issues won’t be as prominent.

I’m generally happy with the Wallabies’ performance. Goal kicking could have been better but I only count 4 points from missed conversions in that - as I’ve said many times before, you can’t really count penalties because they change the course of a game radically. Sliding doors as @Bones said.

Williams warned the ABs in the second half, then did nothing about it. Sure the try probably rubbed out the yellow in the first instance, and that’s fairly common. But he clearly asked for a change in behaviour and didn’t get it for subsequent penalties. Besides that, and the call against Tupou at scrum time, I thought he was lightly biased toward the Wallabies early then evened out later into competence.

The 18-9 penalty count will concern both of Foster’s brain cells.

Our bench definitely outplayed the ABs. I think that was in part due to the disruption to the lineup pre-match. We executed better as the match went on, after a fairly disastrous lineout performance in the first 40. The guys coming on included Gordon and To’omua who are solid players, and McReight added a bit of speed and breakdown nous that Wilson (who missed the vital mark on Mo’unga in the no-try) doesn’t have.

Scrum much improved with Phillip there - I think LSL maybe needs a bench shift next match. Swain at LH lock and Philip TH.

The complaints about the ABs only playing well for 20ish minutes are valid, but then they’ve been roughly that team for a few years now. Most times, it is enough to win. Tonight proved no different.

It comes down to little moments from the Wobs: in the shadows of halftime, having just scored a nice try, we advance ahead of the kicker. The culprit? Hooper.

Rookie backline did alright, all things considered. Banks the most capped with 14. Kellaway had a great game and starkly illustrated what Wright does not have: patience and temperament for Test Rugby.

To me, 8 points is about right in terms of the basic errors we made. The AB bench will be better for the run. If Coles and SBarret come back it’ll probably look different.

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