Fosters ABs heading the right direction

We still have to play the Saffas but I’ve been pretty happy with the performance in the last 2-3 games. There’s been a real step change in the AB performances and play - they have started to look and play like a settled team.

Play has become much more precise with far fewer mistakes overall - plenty of evidence of cool heads under pressure, though there’s too many penalties. I’ve noticed the senior player stepping up, talking to each other and the team tweaking tactics when things aren’t going well. The team looks way more confident when things aren’t working out and that’s with a different captain each week. I don’t know how much of this is down to Foster or the senior players, but it’s good to see. Perhaps Sam Cane is having a big influence in the background?

Foster clearly has his A team and is building experience with the second-stringers who are stepping up to the mark. That said, I just don’t get George Bridge’s selection or how he’s playing and the goal-kicking is a worry.

After what seems to have been years of buggering around, we have some solidity in midfield with ALB providing the stability and organisation and Havilli growing into his role. Starting to look like a long-term partnership. Reiko is a winger that can cover at centre and really seems to have got his mojo back - his play at 13 today was the best I’ve seen from him in that position. Jordie is playing in his right position (though I’m happy with either JB or DMac). With Nugget unavailable, TJP & Webber have done pretty well and 10 looks good with either BB or Ritchie. Thought TJP had one of his best games in Black today.

Pretty much the same for 6/7/8 which seems to be playing as a unit - regardless who plays. Akira has really come of age and got his head together - Fozzie deserves credit for that. And Sam Cane? I think he’ll be an automatic choice at 7 for a few tests and having two seriously hard players at the breakdown could be something really good to look forward to.

BBBR looks back to his best and Scott Barrett is playing better than ever. He was immense today and has a huge motor. Know bugger-all about the front row so won’t comment. (yeah, i know, it’s not the Fern style…)

All in all, way more comfortable with the way things are heading. The team looks to be playing as a unit and with way more intelligence and control than last year. If we carry on like this and beat the Boks, I think we can give Fozzie some credit for where the team has ended up.

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