Well done Bokke

Late to the thread after a great watch this morning. Test match footy - wow. Such great physicality, two super committed teams just bashing each other, but still with some skills on display.

Really enjoyed the game, and congratulations Bokke. Earned that win big time; brought the physicality, but also played. I thought the pace would catch up with them, but they kept at it for 80.

Anyone pointing to a single AB who cost us this game can get knotted. We lost this up front, and it wasn’t on one individual. For every brain fart we had, so did SA. It was just a proper tussle of a test match. Springbok forwards were excellent, and we were second best on the night.

Have to mention the ref though - started really well, and it is a tough gig, but some of the calls appeared inconsistent as all hell. Still, you have to be better.

Fact is, we had the ball, with a lead, and a scrum on halfway, with 90 seconds to go and blew it. I know coaches love to run it out with forward pods, but as @barbarian said, refs are thirsty for penalties, and seem to hate the clock being run like that. A few years ago it was Beale kicking a penalty on the high veldt to win; tonight the ref will find someone for sealing. I’ve always thought it’s a low percentage play. Go back to 2015 RWC Semi, and we kicked for the corners as the Bok didn’t have good exits. I’d do the same again here frankly, and back our defence.

So, the younger AB will have learned plenty over the last fortnight, and so will Foster. Savea is an outstanding player, but not a great captain at this level. JB was our best player in both games. Lock is no longer a position of strength for us.

Our tighties used to be the point of difference with opposition sides with how they carried and passed the ball. I’m not seeing it any more - plenty of handling mistakes (Moody - where the hell is the 2015 ball playing prop who arrived?) - and lots of falling over into contact.
Ball protection was often non-existent, and a massive workon for us.

So, in the wash, all you can say is well done Bokke, and roll on the EOYT and 2022. Hope we both go up north and put sides away.

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