Winter Olympics - a complete shambolic shitbox of a competition

Rant On.

The Winter Olympics are a complete shambolic shitbox of a competition.

Lets start with the location. Bei fucking jing? Competing on a manufactured slope with a backdrop of cooling towers. I’ve spent a bit of time in Beijing and never ever in all my times there (across 4 seasons) did I ever think it would be a great place to hold a Winter Olympics. Yes, it’s a big city & yet it gets seriously cold, but when you think of some of the great alpine destinations across the world, the Chinese capital has absolutely no right to be there. What next, a world cup in fucking Doha or something?

Secondly, the Olympics. Citius, Altius, Fortius. Swifter, Higher, Stronger. For the winter olympics I think we need a few more adjectives to describe this bullshit competition. Floppier, Twisttier, Curlier, Prettier, Danceir. I think of the likes of Herman Meier back in the day flying down the mountain right on the edge of what is physically possible, and then I compare to some of the crap being served up and I shake my grumpy old man head in disgust. There is a spot for all the x-games crap, and thats where it is. The X-Games. Make that bigger, instead of watering down the Olympics. I’m very happy for the kiwi lass who flipped 4 times to win a gold, but come on, OLYMPIC GOLD? Seriously? Still, at least we got to see how the world reacted, I suppose.

Next whinge, lets talk about Bobsleigh/Luge etc. For a start, this is just shithouse. There are only about 20 tracks on the planet and the sport is about your ability to steer down them. What. The. Fuck. You can get an Olympic medal for steering a fucking cart down a purpose built track? Wow, thats so impressive. Why not then have one for sledding? Done! You know what, lets mix it up a bit and add another medal where you lie on the sled differently! Yes!! Hardly a fucking sport for the masses is it. One that only what, a couple of hundred people globally have real access to & then there are 10 or so gold medals allocated? Come on, thats fucking stupid.

As for the Russian Olympic Committee. Jesus, where to start. You are allowed to compete, or you aren’t. Oh, you are, just not under the Russian flag. Ok. Now, doping, no you can’t do that either. Oh hang on, actually, it’s ok to dope and compete. Don’t worry. So what went from Russians banned from the Winter Olympics for doping, has now turned to Russians can dope and be allowed to compete at the Winter Olympics. Cool, that makes sense.

What a piece of shit event.

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