NRL 2022

After a pretty quiet off-season, we’re back this week. Penrith v Manly kick us off on Thursday night.

At this stage it appears the Warriors are still to be based on the Sunny Coast, any word on when they might get back to Mt Smart? The poor buggers are entering year 3 on the road.

God I really miss Sneak’s season preview, his breakdown on the squad was always so good. I am not even attempting it, so I’ll just stick to throwing around a few cliches and then just basing it all on last year

Top 4

Can anyone really see this moving? The best squads are still the best squads.

Penrith have had their depth eroded so will not be able to be protected from injury as well, and their entire game relies on Cleary’s management and boot. If he stays fit they’ll be at the pointy end.

The Roosters still have a great squad, look light at halfback, and will really on Keary’s sponge head staying healthy.

Melbourne have one last crack at it before they get a bit broken up next year. Their success will rely on Munster actually being engaged in playing footy, not have a good time off-field. Still have the best coach in the game, and watch Xavier Coates score a million tries now he’s out of Brisbane.

Souths have a good side, I rate their new coach (as do most in the NRL) but I think they are going to seriously miss Reynolds.

Manly might make it if Tommy Turbo’s hamstrings stay together.

After that it gets murky. Parramatta are Parramatta, and never ever put it together, things don’t seem to be happy there, Gutherson is wildly overrated, and I don’t think Arthurs is a good coach. Cronulla have the apparently new gun coach on the scene, and have recruited pretty well. Can Nico Hynes play halfback? Is this the year that the Titans finally put it together? They have heaps of talent, but question marks in the halves (even without Taylors huge contract). The Dragons appear to have recruited will, and Griffin is a solid is unspectacular coach.

The Tigers will come 9th.

The Bottom

The Dogs went heavy on recruitment but Barrett is a shockingly bad coach apparently, so they are cooked. The Cowboys made so many bad signings, and have fuck all in the spine. That’s your bottom 2 right there.

I expect the Warriors to finish 10th or so.

Newcastle don’t have a half even good enough to replace Mitchell Pearce so are probably cooked.

Don’t expect much out of the Broncos. Kevvie has no clue, they are weak in the halves, and question marks everywhere else. Already whinging from the players that preseason was too hard.
Canberra will do nothing and Sticky is already on the whinge train hard.

Mariners in no way to be relied on ladder

Gold Coast
St George

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