Blues win in Christchurch

Just got back from the game…absolutely stoked to finally win down here for once! Credit to the Crusaders for the way they fought back especially when they were down to 14, showing how hard they are to beat no matter the situation. But also credit to the Blues for digging deep especially with a few desperate bits of defending from Rieko on Jordan which led to our first try, and his effort on Gardiner in the corner to win it for us. Also for big Luke Romano and his effort charging down the wing in the 70th minute to attempt to make a cover tackle after the shift he put in. Yes, they ended up with a 5 meter scrum, but its moments like that which live long in the memory.

I put my hand up, I thought he shouldn’t be playing so many minutes and was well over the hill, but his carries are invaluable and he really gives us a hard edge. Well played big fella.

Everyone really stepped up in the forwards tonight, especially our loose trio led by Dalton Papalii. A superb shift from him and well complemented by Sotutu and Robinson as well as big Ofa who was everywhere.

Hope Hodgman is OK. An awful shot put on him by Barrett. No excuse for it and needs a lengthy suspension for it. Gallagher and Gardiner did well under the circumstances.

Was disappointed with our kicking game just giving it back to Jordan. I wanted to strangle Barrett after that chip which led to the Reece try but in general play he was decent, just his kicking game was poor, and Perofeta didn’t have a great night either especially that missed kick on half time. Mounga and Jordan began to drive us back and all we did was hand it back to them instead of putting it in the stands, or going to the air, but we did enough to hold on!

Must say I let a huge celebration on fulltime, with a few glares but they all came and congratulated me which was nice and were generally in good spirits apart from the booing when Barrett got sent off. A great night to be a blues fan, wins in Christchurch don’t come everyday thats for sure!

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