What a complete and utter shit-show

Haven’t read the thread since the final whistle as I am so pissed off. What a complete and utter shit-show.

OK, there were some positives, our D was great and Nugget, Reece, Bower & Scooter played their socks off and the team really fought back in the 1st half. Players showing some leadership and stepped up after the kick to the corner

But bugger me, we seemed to go into the 2nd half with our heads somewhere in cloud 9. What the fuck did the coaching staff say to the players at half-time as our momentum went backwards fucking quickly.

Our kick and chase game was awful and ended up gifting possession and putting us on the back foot. Ireland targeted our mid-field after last week (who’d have thunk that). Then we saw the same old pattern we’ve seen since 2017 - promising moves or periods of the game fucked up by silly mistakes, helter-skelter passing everywhere. And as for Ardie’s leaving the field, WTF?

You could pass some of this shit off last week with all the injuries & Covid stuff if we didn’t play so well - but we did - so we can omit that excuse. Cane played poorly today but we’ve had exactly the same problems under Read, Ardie & Sam. There was so much that was bad that you lose track of them.

Maybe it isn’t just a coaching issue and it’s a head-space, culture thing but the current set-up just isn’t addressing the problems of playing thru periods of pressure, and playing consistently in more than a game in a row and we sure as heck aren’t moving in the right direction.

Fuck me, i’m angry and frustrated as we prove time and time again we can play really, really well but we are on a treadmill of constant fuck-ups, poor discipline by the players and directionless tactics and play.

You know, I really don’t know if this is Foster’s fault, and I’m beyond blaming any one person, but he really, really isn’t the answer.

Angry of Cornwall

(Rant over)

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