Not Surprised

I was surprised to see so many big-upping the team before kickoff, that should probably be mentioned.

However, in the aftermath of that result,I think I sum up the mood here by saying that we aren’t surprised.

In a series like this, one of the best parts is that you see how coaching and preparation really play a part, and simply put the ABS were just tactially inept againt a team that came ready to shut down plays that had worked last week.

Our defense was just as porous as last week, while their’s was much harder to breakdown. That’s analysis, coaching, and player preparation. Which of those is the problem (likely all three) doesn’t matter, as this series is showing that we don’t have the right leadership to respond to challenges until they are presented to us.

In other words, no-one appears to have considered that Ireland would improve.

You look at individual skill errors, and you wonder how the ABs went from being the best skilled team in the world, to being very average - pretty much from the time we sent Mick away.

Can anyone define how the ABs play? I can’t. We don’t have a pattern, and certainly not one that endeavours our ‘brand’ to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

We’ll win next week due to the immense pride bashing the players will be feeling, especially if that Irish fluffybunny called our skip a second-rate McCaw…

But, that could be the worst thing possible, as it will likely hide the rot at the heart of the current team. European clubs have better coaching teams than the ABs. Something is very very rotten with the entire set-up, and we should start by getting rid of the useless fluffybunnies in the boardroom who rubber-stamped the appointment of Foster, his re-appointment, and especially the appointment of his sub-standard assistants.

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