Do NZ need Schmidt's structure?

As an Irish fan I didn’t see Schmidt’s highly prescriptive and structured gameplan being a good fit for the ABs, but after watching the last couple of games, and also the Autumn tests, I’m beginning to think that it might be exactly what they need.

The talent is there, but unlike previous AB sides there didn’t seem to be an appreciation that hard work needs to be done, and maintained for 80 minutes before you can start dreaming of record scores. The first half performance had a feeling of complacent side that assumed that the proper order would be restored simply because that’s what always happened. If Schmidt is appointed in a coaching roll a lot of those players are going to get a very rude awakening.

As an Irish fan I feel the Irish response in the second half was real proof of how the sides belief and discipline has developed way beyond what we thought was possible. Halfway through I was also guilty of believing that normal order was about to be restore,and that a massive collapse was looking inevitable, so to go on and win the game by 10 points was the stuff of dreams.

We have always believed NZ to be the ultimate test, and for us a series win won’t change that belief, so to go into your backyard and perform like this is unbelievable. I think I’m still in shock from last week to be honest, and I intend to really savour watching the game again, this time sitting on the sofa rather than hiding behind it.

The squad needs a coaching and culture change, but I believe that NZ has the players to turn this around for the RWC next year. They’ll need to because it is probably going to be the most competitive one we’ll have seen, with France, SA, England & Aus all improving, and with Ireland and Wales also having a big say.

F%@k it, I’m going to get monstrously pissed. 🍾😂

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