What happened to Cody Taylor?

18 months ago, Taylor started the Super season like a man possessed. Scoring tries, dominating collisions, big runs with ball in hand. In short, playing like an All Black.

Tests was still going great guns, but form fell the longer he was in black. By the end of the NH tour he was a shadow of himself.

This Super season he was Cody Taylor lite. Not the clear number 1 hooker in New Zealand by a long way. Eklund (bar the final implosion), and Samasoni would both be ahead of him on form alone.

Come this seasons Irish tests. We’ll, he’s got worse. Last year he was up there with Malcom Marx challenging the massive Boer to be rated the best in the world. This year? Where are the big runs, the smashing people for fun, the meanness that he had?

Whats happened? Home front troubles with erindoors? Coaching? I’ve heard through the jungle drums Plumtree is a bit of a no hoper. Perhaps going from Ryan to Plum is knocking him?

Who knows! It’s sad, watching a potential great AB fall from grace.


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