Ireland were just better

well that was quite something. Fucking great game. I couldn’t watch live, and everything my mates had sent me, i was expecting it to be awful. But it wasn’t, the ABs were pretty good, Ireland were just better.

Well done Ireland, what a performance, not just last night, but over the past few weeks. Their tour started so poorly, with those two losses, but they regrouped and just smashed us.

And you know what? I fucking love watching them play. Their short passing attack is beautiful. They get the ball in the hands of their most dangerous players as often as they can. They absolutely smash rucks. They are quick, hard and accurate in the tackle. And their set piece is fucking good.

Also, they are organised, so everyone knows not only their job, but also what everyone else is going to do so they know where to be. And they use depth to their advantage!! Fuck they don’t half smash on to the ball.

Deserved series winners, good on them, fucking enjoy the shit out of it, especially the veterans.

The All Blacks

And so to the losers

What can you say? 2nd best again last night. For a team to do so much right at times, but come up with so little? Very disappointing.

The kick, kick, kick stuff is so bad. We get so little out of it, we just keep giving the ball back to Ireland at about half way. The helter skelter, lets go both ways attack is useless.

Hot take time, Aaron Smith is a big part of the problem. Those wide flat passes fired as early as possible very really hit a player to our advantage I think i saw at least 3 occasions where he hit a guy who was just turning around from getting back on side. that player was obviously immediately swallowed.
We play flat as fuck so there is no momentum on to the ball. But worst of all is, the helter skleter shit means eventually we run out of players to make a breakdown, and we turn it over.

The backline “attack” is abysmal. It’s nothing more inventive than “hands” sometimes with the centre or the 12 standing in front of the intended recipient, but not in such a position that it attracts a defender. Ireland were asked no questions all night. What in the fuck is the point in backing that 13, 11, and 14 and then not giving them an opportunity? Just wasted.

Then we make it worse by sticking Ioane on the tram tracks, and never getting him the ball?! Yet when he hits it closer up he smashes them. No, i know, lets run Savea there, where he is least effective.

The defence is just terrible. Picked apart by the passing. No speed. No ability to put in dominant hits and then slow the ruck. Out wide they are all at sea. Will Jordan has no fucking idea what he is doing defensively. In? Out? Up? hold? no clue.

As or the breakdown. Fuck me dead. Accurate? no. So more numbers? also no. Maybe that’s why Smith whips it out of there before thinking, because if he hesitates we’ll get smoked on the counter-ruck. I lost count of missed clean out assignments today.

The whole plan is to play fast, one-off running for a few phases, and then kick, or we play that side to side shit. And hope someone breaks a tackle, or a defender makes a mistake. We won’t try to create the mistake, we’ll just hope it happens. And now we are giving up a heap of points as well, that will fail far more than it works.

So that is how you win every stat and yet still get pretty well beaten.

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