3rd Test - AB Players Reviews


Bower worked hard but far less prominent than last week

Taylor had a couple of bright moments early, but was gone by the 20 minute mark. Threw poorly. Missed cleanouts. Added nothing more in attack. Cooked

Laulala. It speaks volumes that a player as fucking ordinary as this bloke gets to start because he can push a scrum, and the other guy cannot be trusted. We hare fucked at tighthead. Misses tackles. That dumb fucking offload. Gives away penalties. Just useless away from the scrum (where he is nothing more than competent)

Whitelock and Retallick can be grouped. Tried fucking hard all night. But this game plan fucks them completely, they are getting too long in the tooth to keep this up.

Akira was fucking great. Won rucks, won tackles, ran hard, scored a great try. Sticking him out wide is a fucking waste of a player.

Cane is done. Yes he still hits hard. Yes he cleans stuff up. But he is too slow to be a 7. We are suffering at the breakdown because Sam can’t get there on either side of the ball. Nothing else he does is so good it makes up for that. He’s playing like a small hooker now. It’s time.

Savea is all action, all the fucking time. Almost does too much (again, sometimes slow is good too) and should hit it up close to the ruck. But holy shit what a game. Put that man in the 7 shirt


Smith was the same as every week. zipped the ball around, kicked a lot but without us ever getting it back. We are wasting his strength by making it the only option

BBarrett can fuck off. Worst AB on the field. Shit kicks. Shit options. Zero organisation. Irelands 3rd try he went for the intercept and left a gaping hole. Useless.

Havili. Did he play? Predictably offered fucking nothing

Ioane. No chance to attack with the ball because of a shit attack. Dropped passes, turned it over. The biggest symptom of our overall problem. Ireland would find a way to use him.

Reece. Wasted. Chase kicks and never get the ball.

Jordan. Good try. Pretty dangerous. Needs to learn to defend in a pattern

JBarrett. Almost as shit as his brother. Tries hard but creates fucking nothing.


Well, Mounga came on, but i don’t even know who for because all the Barrets and Havili stayed. So what is the point in having him there?

RTS got 10 minutes. Papalii got subbed on to his 5m line with an Irish lineout to predictable results. Coles counterrucked to turn it over. Ofa got 4 minutes

It was poorly selected and even worsly used.

We weren’t terrible, but if Savea and Akira don’t get blood in their nostrils in the 2nd half we probably lose by 20.

The entire coaching staff should be in front of a firing squad. And several players should kiss their top 23 spot goodbye

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