The All Blacks old pattern

I actually see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel once we get new coaches in.

We’re simply not direct enough and are still playing our outdated gameplan which went out of fashion in 2017 of Smith giving it to Havili/Savea in the midfield to set up first phase, Smith then going back down the blindside to the next pod hoping to create a mismatch which we haven’t actually seen created from this in a while which leads to our second phase, and from that phase, Smith then goes short to the next pod to go round the back to either the blindside winger/Jordie Barrett who receives it at 10 to try and create extra numbers out wide which again, looked the part about 7 years ago, but rush defences from about 2017 have figured a way to counter it and yet we still persist with it.

It’s ok to still use that play every now and again, but we aren’t creating any mismatches out wide, we just use it as a default play and it gets used religiously both here at test level and at SR too. It looks great doing it at an inferior level like SR, but at the big boys level, international sides adapt quickly, they’re not stupid, and this play has also become a problem because our forwards have almost been trained so much to move the ball once receiving it to the point that they have forgotten how to carry the ball into contact.

We seriously need to get our forwards carrying closer to the ruck as we certainly have players in there who can carry, but we don’t do it. We have a more than capable halfback who is not being allowed to give our forwards a license to do it as well. Smith needs to do a lot more to get our backs some better ball and it needs to start by getting guys like Barrett, Akira, Ardie, Taukeiaho etc running off him, and forcing guys like Marx to tackle a bit more, instead of him just scanning around David Pocock style.

It’s as if these coaches have no trust in our forwards to string phases together to grind us up field as we don’t seem to like going more than 2 phases before going wide no matter what the situation is. Simply put, we need to earn the right to go wide which we seem hellbent on not doing, and everyone is being affected by it.

I think we do have the players at our disposal, obviously with a few that need to be moved on and quickly, and results will be positive, but the tactics are outdated and a new coaching team is needed asap which we all pretty much know.

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