T20 World Cup - NZ v Aus

Wow. Just wow, that’s a fucking statement performance and some. Absolutely annihilated them in every single facet of the game. Game plan, in game tactics, performance, that’s one of the most dominant performances we’ve ever put together against the Aussies. A 20 run win in a T20 is comprehensive. An 89 run victory in a T20 WC in the Aussies back yard in front of 40k fans is just absurd. God I enjoyed that.

Watching Allen dismantle Aussies best ever fast bowling trio one by one was honestly better than sex. 14, 15, 17, thanks for fucking coming. Baz V2.0, incredible eye, fast hands, and can throw even the world’s best way off their game with some incredible shots.

Then we were just relentless after that. Rotating the strike with boundaries littered in between. Absolutely world class innings from Conway with multiple cameos to support him on the way. The 6 from Neesh on the last ball to get us to 200 was just the perfect cherry on top.

Finch really missed a trick not bowling Zampa and Maxwell in tandem early on. It was obvious from early on that Allen and Conway were very much enjoying the pace, taking that away from them should have been the first thing he did. Not bowling Maxwell at all was even stupider. Poor captaincy.

Then we were basically faultless in the field. The catch from Phillips was incredible. Warners dismissal was hilarious, couldn’t happen to a more annoying bloke.

Then bowling Santner and Sodhi together early was smart captaincy. Make them make the pace on the ball, if they do get going then we can go back to the quicks with plenty of runs still in the bank. Turns out making all the pace isn’t that easy, and Santner and Sodhi did the business before our quicks came and finished the job.

Also loved the quote from one of the Aussie comms in the first innings when we were on track for 200 -“well we all knew it’s a 200 pitch”. Really? Someone must have forgotten to tell the Aussie batsmen that. The comms really tried to keep the hyperbole about the Aussies going as long as they could, e.g. Marsh hits a 6 and they scream “SHOT OF THE TOURNAMENT!”, but were deflated by the end of it. Just beautiful stuff.

Just. Fucking. Owned. After all the misery they’ve given us over the years I’m going to enjoy the fuck out of that for some time, in case you couldn’t tell.

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