Warriors vs Canterbury


Perfect win on what was a strange day with the Warriors deciding to go ahead with their game but with extra police around the venue. The Warriors had to hastily change the programme with a lot of the 25th anniversary celebrations replaced with a minute of silence (could hear a pin drop so kudos to the crowd) and the national anthem. However people didn't know if they were meant to sit or stand for the moment of silence because the announcer forgot to tell people (everyone did in the end).

Onto the game and a number of things noticed from the league-leading Warriors: The Warriors are good and a lot fitter than last season. They maintained a high tempo over the 80 minutes. The Bulldogs were not that good. They completed their sets but just couldn't break the Warriors defensive line except for one try which was helped by a forward pass several plays prior. Halfback Lachlan Lewis was struggling to hold onto the ball against the rushing defence.

The big wonder was how Adam Keighran would adapt to the NRL and he will be fine. Took him about 20 minutes to get into the game but his overall kicking game is already better than Shaun Johnson (6/7 in field goal plus excellent tactical kicking) and that alone (with his low salary cap hit) makes him a better player for the Warriors going forward.

The Warriors made good investments in Leeson Ah Mau and Lachlan Burr. Both provide a lot more grit and size to the forward pack which allowed "smaller" forwards like Bunty Afoa to make a bigger impact over the course of the game. That will help against bigger packs like South Sydney and Sydney City.

Didn't understand Blake Ayshford's inclusion on the bench and not doubt he will be replaced by Isaiah Papali'i next week. Kieran Foran has a shit haircut.