Blues 2019


A lot of comments have been made about who should go and who should stay for the Blues to perform better in 2019. Here are some facts about the current Blues squad that could assist the discussion.

  • Below, I've started with the 2018 Blues squad that was named on 1 Nov 2017.
  • In italics, I have added the players that also played for the Blues in 2018, despite not being named in the initial squad.
  • Between brackets are the number of games played this season (stats: Fox Sports).
  • In bold are the players of which I know for sure that they are signed through to next season (obviously, this list may/will not be complete because the duration of contracts is often not published. Some signings aren't even published). Note: the re-signing of the Ioane brothers hasn't officially been confirmed, yet!
  • Strikethrough: players, who are known to be leaving.

Some of the questions now are:

1) In which positions do the Blues need to recruit more players.
2) Who of the players of the initial 2018 squad would you like to see signed for 2019 (or longer)?
3) Who of the players that played in 2018, but weren't in the initial squad, would you like to see signed for 2019 (or longer)?
4) Which other player, who hasn't played for the Blues in 2018, would be on your wish list?
5) Which player, who hasn't been signed yet, but played for the Blues in 2018, don't you want to be signed?


Hodgman (7)
Tu'ungafasi (12)
Mafileo (10)
Manu, Pauliasi (16)
Salmon (-)
Tamoaieta (10)
Wright (12)
^new signing for 2019: Tu'inukuafe


Apisai (7)
Parsons (12)
Moulds (10)


Cowley-Tuioti (13)
Scrafton (3)
Tuipulotu (10)
Tupou (7)
Goodhue (Josh) (4)
Nee Nee (8)
Martin (4)
Pierce (2)


Gibson (3)
Ioane, Akira (16)
Kaino (12) to Toulouse
Papali'i (7)
Preston (1)
Pryor (K) (5)
Taramai (11)
Kirikiri (3)
Dunshea (L) (2)
Havili (S) (1)
^new signing for 2019: Sotutu


Nock (9)
Pulu (9)
Ruru (13)


Black (-)
Gatland (11) to Highlanders
Kirkpatrick (4)
Perofeta (14)
^new signing for 2019: Plummer


Collins (12)
SBW (5)
Faiane (8)
Johnson (-)
Tua (1)
Leger (7)
Manu, Tumua (4)
Hepetema (2)
^new signing for 2019: Tele'a
^new signing for 2019: Nonu


Duffie (15)
Nanai (10)
Clarke (5)
Ioane, Rieko (15)
Moala (5) to Clermont
Trainor (1)
Hyland (3)

(Please, let me know if you're sure I've missed a signing- preferably with a link to a source - and I'll correct it in the list above.)