Hurricanes 2020


There has been a lot of talk about the Hurricanes' tight five during the 2019 season, and it wasn't positive. Fans were screaming for big, strong locks and better props, but gradually some new players were given more game time and the Canes' pack seemed up to it in the bigger games. Does this mean that the focus of recruitment should shift to other positions? Also, is the long wait for some players to re-sign an indication of where the weak spots in the squad will be next year?

With the Hurricanes' season now over, it's time to look at next year's squad. Who will stay, who will go and who will or should join the squad in 2020?

  • Below, I've started with the 2019 Hurricanes squad that was named on 31 October 2018. (Note: I've followed the squad guide for the determination of a player's position, e.g., lock or loosie, or lock/loosie etc.);
  • In italics, I have added the players that also played for the Hurricanes in 2019, despite not being named in the initial squad;
  • Between (brackets) are the number of games played this season (stats: Fox Sports);
  • In bold are the players of which I know for sure that they are signed through to next season (obviously, this list may/will not be complete because the duration of contracts is often not published. Some signings aren't even published);
  • Strikethrough: players, who are known to be leaving.

Some of the questions are:

  1. The recruitment in which position is the most urgent?
  2. Who of the players of the initial 2019 squad would you like to see signed for 2020 (or longer)?
  3. Who of the players that played in 2019, but weren't in the initial squad, would you like to see signed for 2020 (or longer)?
  4. Which other player, who hasn't played for the Hurricanes in 2019, would be on your wish list?
  5. Which player, who hasn't been signed yet, but played for the Hurricanes in 2019, don't you want to be signed?


Armstrong (13)
Eves (7) to San Diego Legion
Fidow (3)
May (11)
Smith (T) (8)
To'omaga-Allen (16) to Wasps
Geldenhuys (5)
Numia (9)
^ new signing for 2020: Tyrel Lomax


Aumua (A) (12)
Coles (10)
Riccitelli (12)


Cridge (-)
Lousi (-) to Scarlets
Walker-Leawere (17)
Le'aupepe (10)
^ new signing for 2020: Scott Scrafton


Blackwell (17)
Fifita (13)


Bedwell-Curtis (2)
Evans (7)
Henwood (4)
Kirifi (15)
Mitchell (12)
Prinsep (17)
Savea (A) (16)
^ new signing for 2020: Devan Flanders (full contract TBC)
^ new signing for 2020: Murphy Taramai


Christie (8) to Blues
Perenara (16)
Judd (7) to Suntory Sungoliath
^ new signing for 2020: Jamie Booth
^ new signing for 2020: Jonathan Taumateine


Barrett (B) (12) to Blues
Garden-Bachop (3)
Marshall (J) (9)
Smith (F) (6)


Laumape (16)


Barrett (J) (15)


Lam (15)
Lowe (2)
Milner-Skudder (-) to Toulon
Proctor (B) (1)
Rayasi (5)
Tiatia (11)
Toala (2)
Umaga-Jensen (P) (4)


Aso (4)
Goosen (14)
Proctor (M) (-) to Northhampton Saints

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